For the last post for the campaign, I decided to feature Danelle because I was so in love with her images. She’s a dancer and made my job of posing super easy. At one point she said I feel like this look needs a crown and me being who I was went into my office and pulled one out! The images were so dope! Keep reading to learn more about Danelle and her many business ventures.

Where is your hometown and how long have you been in the DC metro area?
Hometown – St. Augustine – Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean

I’ve been in the DC metro area or about 15 years.

Are you a mother? If so, how old are your children?
I’m not a mother in the traditional sense, but definitely embrace my mothering traits. I’m fiercely protective of my patients, my friend and my family, I’m a cat mom to Che (recently passed) and Fidel, and a new plant mom – definitely enjoying that journey!

Are you a business owner? If so, tell us what that business is and who it serves.

  1. Performance Plus Physical Therapy – I work with sports, orthopedic and performing arts patients who are looking for a different rehab experience – Expertly guided results rooted in trust and convenience. 
  2. The Black Female Foundation – An online coaching and mentoring program designed for minority women experiencing unique challenges to success in business.
  3. The Dance Ready Project – an online hub and resource for dancers – including education, Injury prevention, conditioning and cross training. 

All about Self-Love

When do you feel the most beautiful?
I feel most beautiful  when I am confident – when I can be my true self  and feel empowered to just be me.

Do you have a self-care routine? If so, what is it?
Yes, this is a work in progress! I make time to exercise twice a week, I have a skin care routine and also make space in my diet to fuel my body and add supplements to support my body.

What does being Fiercely Feminine mean to you?
Fiercely Feminine means having the confidence and power to be uniquely me.  

There is something to be said for the woman that can decide, either deliberately or on a whim, that she – as she is, in her skin – is enough. That woman  brings the heat -even by her quiet presence. That woman empowers others to accept and embrace themselves  without detraction or critique. That woman becomes a leader because she inspires, she shines and she makes you say yes to all the doubts you had hidden away in your heart. 

To be Fiercely Feminine is to know that you are enough and to navigate this world without apology – whatever that looks like.  Because others are waiting for your presence to affirm their purpose. And we have work to do.

What is a goal you have been working on?
I have so many goals! I plan to expand my business soon, and plotting to buy a new home soon!

What advice would you give to your younger self?



And…..there is no dress rehearsal – this is the show!

Finish the statement – I am a woman who…
I am a woman who will find a way, defy the odds, and be happy!