My first time meeting Lori was at her photoshoot. She and two of her other friends signed up for the 30 Days of Beautiful campaign so they all came together and made it a party! Lori is the life of the party and had us all cracking the entire night. Keep reading to learn more about her.

Where is your hometown and how long have you been in the DC metro area?
I was born in San Angelo TX as a dependent of an Airforce Father we quickly traveled the U. S. And Europe. But we settled in the DMV in 2001 and I’ve been here ever since 20 years

Are you a mother? If so, how old are your children?

Are you a business owner? If so, tell us what that business is and who it serves.
Yes , LASTOP CONSULTING LLC  @lastopconsulting 

LASTOP CONSULTING  is a Black Owned business that provides 24/7 access to subject matter experts specializing In a wide variety of disciplines. All LASTOP Consultants provide expertise carefully applied with a deep understanding of YOUR unique business model and needs. We specialize in knowing and respectfully navigating the nuanced. LASTOP CONSULTING is the premier one stop shop for all your consulting needs. Expand Your Knowledge. Expand Your Business.Expand Your Success. 

Target Audience: Small/Medium Sized Minority Owned Businesses.

All about Self-Love

When do you feel the most beautiful?
In my natural state first awake in the morning under the summer sunlight

Do you have a self-care routine? If so, what is it?
Try not to die lol

What does being Fiercely Feminine mean to you?
Taking hold of the things that truly bring peace and joy into my life, rather it be a business or a man being feminine is about not letting people define my choices or perception of what happiness means to me.

What is a goal you have been working on?
To obtain my SES in the federal Government with 10 years of service

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Do exactly what your doing, it all works out in the end

Finish the statement – I am a woman who…
Sacrifices immensely and perseveres always