I’ve known Traci for a few years and she always brings energy to the party! Let’s just say if we’re at an event together I’m sitting with her so we can laugh it up. She’s super cool, a creative spirit and a real sweetheart, who is also one of the Godmothers to my youngest son. Keep reading to see why she’s so dope.


Where is your hometown and how long have you been in the DC metro area?
I’m from Woodbridge, VA which isn’t far from DC (depending on who you ask) but I’ve been in the DC metro area since 2017.

Are you a mother? If so, how old are your children?

Are you a business owner? If so, tell us what that business is and who it serves.
I run a calligraphy business named Treydublin Lettering & Crafts specializing in paper goods and signage for home decor, events, and weddings. It really serves anyone who wants to take a space or moment and make it unique and personal.

All about Self-Love

When do you feel the most beautiful?
I feel the most beautiful after a workout. Sweaty, smelly, and all that. I think it’s because I’m doing something that is pushing me mentally and physically and it puts me in awe of what my body can do.

Do you have a self-care routine? If so, what is it?
I don’t, actually. I’m working on that. If I had one, it’d be waking up in the morning, having my coffee while reading or journaling, and then working out.

What does being Fiercely Feminine mean to you?
It means embracing ourselves. Women are taught to nurture others and put ourselves last, but the fierce part is pouring into ourselves with the same intensity we do others, if not more. Whether that’s words of affirmation, self care, boundaries, etc. It’s Fiercely Feminine to know that you are the origin of all the good you can do.

What is a goal you have been working on?
I’ve been working on saying ‘No’ and setting boundaries. I’m a people pleaser so it’s easy for me to show up for others but I really need to set time aside for myself. Even if it’s just to relax.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
Do what you want. I had fun in my 20s but I definitely stayed on a path of doing things that were ‘”expected” of me. I’d tell her to do what made her FEEL good and not just what made her LOOK good.

Finish the statement – I am a woman who…
Loves fully and fiercely.


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