30 days of Beautiful:

During the pre-shoot consultation with Alberta, I asked her how she wanted to represent the royalty theme for her portraits in the 30 Days of Beautiful campaign. She immediately responded with “Egyptian!” 

She knows what she wants and who she is, which is evident through her words: “I deserve a Fiercely Feminine photo shoot because I live my truth on a daily basis and I represent Fiercely Feminine to the fullest degree.”

Alberta is also a wanderlust and avid traveler around the globe. I’ve also had the opportunity to witness how she treasures her deep and meaningful friendships with her tribe of supportive and empowering friends.

Keep reading to see how Alberta exudes grace and majesty through her photos and life.

30 days of beautiful

My hometown is Utica, NY. I have lived in the DMV for 9 years.

No children

I am Certified Sexologist and Intimacy Coach provides coaching services centered around your sexual health and erotic well-being.

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Egyptian inspired photoshoot
Egyptian inspired lifestyle photoshoot

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Egyptian inspired portrait

I feel the most beautiful when I am in my natural state of beauty. No makeup, no weave, no fajas just all natural me.

I have a close sisterhood of individuals who inspire me and hold me accountable when I need it. I travel often, eat well within limits and am spiritually connected to a higher being.

Fiercely Feminine means that you are living in your full essence of who God designed you to be.


Maintaining my peace of mind and overall happiness.

I am most proud of being able to love myself unapologetically.

I would advise myself to make me a priority over anyone else.

My dream life looks like me being able to be FREE mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.

I am a woman who is destined to be…

Do What Makes You Happy forever and always…

Follow Alberta on IG @Poundcake38!

Egyptian inspired portrait for 30 days of beautiful