30 days of Beautiful:

Like so many women who participate in our 30 Days of Beautiful campaign, Nicole took this as an opportunity to celebrate herself, when she would normally shy away from it.

When Nicole applied for the  campaign, she stated, “Over the last few years I have gained a self-love that is shaping every part of me.” And we love that!

I’ve known Nicole for over 15 years, since we are sorority sisters in the same chapter, so her shoot was easy breezy. In addition to taking the photos, we also got to catch up for the first time in person since the pandemic hit and everything went virtual. Being naturally photogenic, Nicole was also able to squeeze in a quick lipstick change for a different vibe.

 Keep reading to learn more about Nicole’s story.

Portrait Photography, 30 Days of Beautiful

Temple Hills, MD

While I have no biological children I am the bonus mom to three amazing girls:
Chanelle: 18
Alexis : 11

I am not a full fledged business owner anymore. I am a communications director at Microsoft. I do occasionally provide marketing and communication consultation to nonprofits and government agencies. The focus is on strategic communication and PR.

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Portrait Photography, 30 Days of Beautiful
Portrait Photography, 30 Days of Beautiful

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Portrait Photography, 30 Days of Beautiful

I feel most beautiful first thing in morning and I see my pure self. No make up. Hair messy. It is then that I see me the true me. I was once told that you can see a person’s journey through their eyes. I feel most beautiful when my eyes are sparkling.

I do not have the traditional self care routine as many do. This is an area that I am working on. Finding the time for me. However, I do have small things I do for me faithfully.

The non negotiable are:

  • Weekly hair appointment. It is not about just having my hair looking good but it is my time to just relax a bit. There is always some interesting conversation occurring.
  • Working out. My early am workout allow me to clear my head for a bit.
  • Watching mindless TV. I can’t do this often but I try to find an hour or so just tv. I was told that it is not about the length of time, but just taking the time. I rarely can just lounge and watch tv but I can do 30 minutes.

Being fiercely feminine means being authentically you. You define who and what you are and are proud of it. We are so often trying to live up to what others want us to be.
Portrait Photography, 30 Days of Beautiful


Taking time for me as stated above. However, I am also working on living in the present. I am so goal orientated that I don’t often just live in the moment. Appreciate what is happening right now.

I am most proud of my resiliency. Finding the love of your life and then losing them to cancer very shortly after was devastating. A piece of me died when he did. But I didn’t let it break me. Akida always said “faith is a verb” and I leaned on God to get me through those dark nights. We have kept our family going and I get up each day trying to be a better person than the day before. 

I am also very proud of how I cared for my husband and mom during their last days. Being a caregiver is hard, but I made sure they were taken care of with love. I was able to have memories that I cherish. For my mom, I was there when she transitioned and while it was hard she looked me in my eyes and I saw peace. That is priceless.

Enjoy life. Take time travel and have adventures. Be responsibly irresponsible . Don’t take everything so seriously. Have your me time. Learn to say “no” boldly— if they don’t question your yes they can’t question your no.

My dream life is me being happy with a balanced life and sharing it with those who love me and life. I will be confident in my skin, an advocate in my community and would wake up everyday to sounds of water.

Is wonderfully made, blessed by God and fearlessly walking in faith to unlock what is in store for me.

My favorite quote is “life is like a book”. Some chapters are sad, some are happy and some are exciting, but if you never turn the page, you will never know what the next chapter has in store for you I am in a season of transformation and happy to unveil the next chapter

Follow Nicole on IG @njordan063017 and make sure to check out her businesses pages as well!

Portrait Photography, 30 Days of Beautiful