30 days of Beautiful:

When she applied to be featured in the 30 Days of Beautiful campaign, Alexandria stated she wanted to “take photos that represent the self-work I’ve committed to, and be able to use them as both a testament of where I’ve come from, and inspiration for my future self!”

In 2020 when the pandemic hit, Alexandria began a life journey to prioritize herself and her health. Her journey included falling back in love with dancing, discovering a new love for running and losing 50 pounds!

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Black woman posing for a Black woman photographer in studio.

Born in Detroit, MI but grew up in Palm Spring, CA. I’ve been in the DC area on and off since 2008.

Yes! I have an 11-year old daughter named Adrielle, and a 4-year old son named Daxton.


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Black woman posing for a Black woman photographer in studio.

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Black woman posing for a Black woman photographer in studio.

It took me an extremely long time to come up with an answer to this question that actually felt authentic to me. I initially felt like I was most beautiful when I am performing, and while that’s true, it’s not all-encompassing. I recently came across a post that describes my definition of beauty in the best way possible – I feel the most beautiful “when I do what I said I was gonna do.” I feel most beautiful when I’m disciplined, and honor the commitments I’ve made to myself. That type of beauty show up in every facet of my life – on and off the stage, in front of and behind the camera.

In the morning I take practice gratitude while taking showers by candlelight. I also work out 7 days a week (running, dancing, barre, or strength training), as both a way to maintain my physical health and honor all the ways by body carries me through this life.

I think this being Fiercely Feminine is deeply connected to my sense of beauty – doing the things I said I was going to do. There is power is femininity, and there’s also power in commitment, discipline, focus, and intention.
Black woman posing with red shoes for a Black woman photographer in studio.


I have a theme for this year around “balance and boundaries,” and I’ve been working to be better at both 🙂 For me, that looks like clearly defining the things that matter most and deserve my commitment, and being okay with naming the things that are not as important to me anymore.

During the height of the pandemic I recommitted to my physical health, and lots 40 pounds over 4-5 months. As the world began to open back up and the pre-pandemic demands of life starting emerging (in-person work/school, commuting, etc.), I was really worried about not having the dedicated time and space to remain focused on prioritizing my health and well-being. I’m really proud of the fact that I’ve found a way to continue working out every day – even if that means waking up a little earlier to stretch before getting ready for work, or getting in a run a little after the sun goes down.

“In religion they call it spirits, in the streets they call it vibes, in science they call it energy; all I’m saying is trust it.” Your level of discernment has never steered you wrong, so never second-guess it.

My dream life allows me the resources and flexibility to spend my time the way I want it. That’s intentionally broad, but my goal now is to work hard to have the financial, physical, and human resources in order to make this a reality over the next decade.

…has really high expectations/standards, and an incredible work ethic to match.


Follow Alexandria on IG @alexandria.elle and keep up with her fitness journey!

Black woman posing for a Black woman photographer in studio.