Danelle – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

For the last post for the campaign, I decided to feature Danelle because I was so in love with her images. She’s a dancer and made my job of posing super easy. At one point she said I feel like this look needs a crown and me being who I was went into my office […]

Shannon – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

Shannon was a part of the friend group that came together for their shooting day. She’s the more reserved one, but definitely had moments of being quick witted. She’s a sweetheart and said she channeled her inner Steve Jobs for her more casual look and we think she nailed it! Fun fact: We have the […]

Lori – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

My first time meeting Lori was at her photoshoot. She and two of her other friends signed up for the 30 Days of Beautiful campaign so they all came together and made it a party! Lori is the life of the party and had us all cracking the entire night. Keep reading to learn more […]

Tina – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

In the last year I have photographed Tina and her family 3 times. She has a super cool vibe so we hit it off immediately. When I posted the campaign she talked herself out of applying. She’s completely gorgeous, so I was glad she allowed me to eventually talk her into it. Keep reading to […]

Fran – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

Fran is one of my neos from WDCAC’s Fall 2020 line and because of the pandemic, this was my first time really meeting her and getting to know more about her. She’s getting married in just a few days and showed up ready to slay her photo shoot. We managed to even squeeze in a […]

Nola – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington DC

I’ve known Nola for a few years because we went to the same law school and have a lot of mutual friends. However, she is the sweetest soul! Funny thing is her photoshoot almost didn’t happen because she was running late (Caribbean time LOL) and I had to drive to another photo shoot in NW […]

Charisma – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

Today is a special feature because I am featuring my Spec (Special Sister) & Numba Charisma. She is a funny, honest, stubborn, and a little bit bougie, but I love her to pieces. She’s a real one and I’m glad Delta brought her into my life. Keep reading to learn more about Charisma. Where is […]

Traci – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

I’ve known Traci for a few years and she always brings energy to the party! Let’s just say if we’re at an event together I’m sitting with her so we can laugh it up. She’s super cool, a creative spirit and a real sweetheart, who is also one of the Godmothers to my youngest son. […]

Alicia – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

Alicia is my traveling, fashionista, esquire club Soror. I’ve known her for several years and she has been nothing but a joy! She is funny as hell, passionate about social justice, and such a sweetheart. Learn more about her by reading more below. Where is your hometown and how long have you been in the […]

Kelli – 30 Days of Beautiful, Washington, DC

Kelli is one of those people you meet that you feel like you’ve known forever. We literally have been chit chatting almost everyday since she signed up for the campaign. During her pre-shoot consultation I got to really see how funny she was and she did not disappoint with her humor on the day of […]